5 luxurious first class flights.

First class flight’s cabin

Sometimes, flying  is not a pleasant thing  you wish to experience especially when it is a long journey. Sitting in one place and belt up for hours becomes so tiring that you wished you could just get a place to relax and enjoy whatever you desire. Below are some first class flight’s cabin that will make you so comfortable.

Singapore first class flight’s cabin

Singapore suites

These suites are classified as one of the best first class cabin that guarantees a comfortable flight experience. The suites are spacious and allows a standalone bed that is different from one’s seat. They have a sliding door and window blind. There is opportunity to demand whatever meal one desires and proper attention will be given no matter the number of times you make a request.

Singapore flight cabin

Cathay pacific first class suites

Cathay pacific has a comfortable first class suite, padded with soft leather and fabrics. A 4.3” touchscreen controller will get one’s seat easily adjusted while enjoying in-chair massages. The seat can be transformed into flat beds with thick mattress and 500 count cotton duvets, pillow and cushions. They also offer a private working area which enables one to gain full concentration while working.

Airline destinations include Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London and Newark

Cathay pacific first class cabin
Cathay pacific

Emirates first class suites

Emirates first class suite is configured with four suites per row. The privacy doors are controlled electronically from a tablet placed on the seat since shutting the suite door at arm’s length is quite far. The seat transforms into a flat bed and reclines at 180 degrees at the touch of a button on the tablet.

Airline destinations include Dubai, Mumbai (Bombay), India, Singapore, Bangkok, Pakistan, South Africa, Milan, Karachi, Hyderabad.

Emirate first class


Emirate cabin

Etihad- The Residence

The Residence suite is the only 3-room suite designed for two people that are traveling together on a commercial airline. It has a living room, separate bedroom and an en-suite shower room.

The living room contains a luxurious double seat sofa made of leather and two dining tables. The hallway links the bedroom with a six foot, 10 inches double bed lined with designer linen. The bedroom also  contains a 27 inch flat screen TV coupled with noise canceling headsets.

the-residence-9_wide-jpg 9

Qatar first class cabin

It has a spacious cabin with unparalleled comfortability. The seat offers adequate space to work privately and get entertained.

qatar-airways-a380-first-class-077 qatar-airways-first-class-a380-10 qatar-airways-first-class-a380-11


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