Cruise safety tips: 7 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Cruise safety tips

Cruise gives a unique experience and it is full of fun especially when a traveller is well prepared. Certain precautions have to be considered to prevent the health risks associated with it. These tips will guide you to know some of the safety rules.

Cruise ship

Pay close attention to all safety instructions

Cruise safety
Cruise safety measure

Note and study the evacuation routes

Keep an emergency kit

Just in case you have an allergy or any other medical condition, go around with your medications. Your emergency kit should contain your medication, room key, cell phone, photocopy of your passport and your glasses in case you use one.

Maintain good hygiene

To prevent infection, wash your hands regularly with soap and water or have a hand sanitizer close by at all times.

Get insurance

Get insurance package that will cover your spending on lost baggage, emergency evacuation and trip cancellation in the instance of any emergency or illness.

Stay hydrated

You will need this throughout your trip. Staying under the sun causes dehydration so you need to drink water to remain hydrated.
Guard yourself from sunrays
Sunscreens are necessary here because you will be in the sun all day and protecting your skin is vital to lower the risk of sun exposure.

Mind and wash what you eat

For safety reasons, make sure that you watch what you eat. The preparation method and the water used in cooking may be different from where you are coming from. To prevent any form of reaction, watch your food carefully. Wash your fruits thoroughly before consumption and try to drink certified bottled water

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