9 best ways to earn money while traveling the world

earn money traveling

How to earn money while traveling

For those who love traveling like me, traveling can be fun. Everyone needs money to survive. You can turn your travel platform to a field of opportunities where you can sow and reap what you have sown.

Become a freelance writer

There are lots of writing jobs that you can do online.  You could choose to be a travel writer, content writer, and academic writer and so on. Working as freelance writer can earn you some money. Although, you may not get rich doing this, you can pull through with hard work and the exchange rate of your country.

Freelance photographer

Working as a professional travel photographer can add money to your purse. Make sure that your photos are high resolution pictures. You can sell them online to websites dealing with photography, magazines, book publishers and greeting card companies. Another way is to start a website to sell your quality photos. You can also make training videos of your work, photography tutorials and sell to clients online. There are clients out there that are willing and eager to get trained on this kind of vocation.

Online business

If you have a business idea, it is possible for you to start your own online business by creating an ecommerce website, create awareness of your product and website and sell your products. You could also engage in affiliate marketing, become partners of other websites and get paid.

Freelance translator

Becoming a freelance translator requires learning another language. If you have the skills required, you can engage in this. You can work for international companies, tour companies who need your services.

Graphic/website designer

It is a very lucrative job for experts in graphic/web designing. You can pick a job from websites that have clients related to your field and get paid. If you have the capacity to start your graphic designing business website, go ahead and earn income.

Teaching job

Professional English teachers have opportunities around the world with a decent pay. You need a college degree and TEFL certification to be able to achieve this. You can also teach some other subject you have mastery. There are also opportunities for online tutoring jobs on different education websites which you can do.

Travel agent

If you love traveling, you can book holiday/vacation for others.

 Teach recreational skills

This is usually needed in places like resorts. You can learn and teach the skill people do on vacations- yoga, diving, surfing, climbing, and skiing and so on.

Write an eBook

This will help you to earn a lot of money if you apply the right and working techniques. If you have extensive knowledge about something, how-to guides, product techniques and stories, it can be turned into an eBook. Books that can assist people in achieving a particular thing sell best. Sell on your website or other commercial websites. One way to sell is through kindle self-publishing.

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