Flying with kids: Things you need to know before your trip

flying with kids

Flying with kids

Flying with kids may be daunting but it is easy. You just have to be well prepared for it. The good thing about airlines when traveling with kids is that babies under 2 years fly freely. You don’t need to pay except if you feel like buying a ticket for them. Here are some of the things you need to do on board to make your kids comfortable.

Flying internationally?

Your kids will need an international passport. If you plan to travel within the year, get the passport on time to prevent delay.

Book direct flight

Booking indirect flight in a bid to get cheap ones may not really work when you have kids with you. If you want a stress free trip, you have to consider this. When you traveled alone, you could book more than one connection of flight, no one cares. Right now, it is inappropriate if you don’t want the trip to be stressful for you and the kids.

Pack snacks

Make sure that you have enough snacks handy that will be adequate to hold your kids till you reach your destination.

Feed infant

Breastfeeding infants on airplanes help to clear the Eustachian tubes during takeoff and landing. It is the best thing your baby can get.

Know your destination

Do a research about your destination to find out if breastfeeding is allowed in the public or you will have to find a private place to do it anytime the need arises.

Order their meals

Ordering their meals first will give them a nice treat and it will allow you to eat yours without disturbance when yours arrive.

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