Tourist attractions in southeast, Nigeria

The South east geopolitical zone consists of five states namely Anambra state, Abia state, Imo state, Enugu state and Ebonyi state. Each state has a peculiar destination that attracts tourists. Some of the tourist attractions in southeast, Nigeria are listed below.

Ogba Ukwu cave and waterfall

The waterfall is at Owerre Ekukala town in Anambra state sharing border with Imo, Abia and Enugu states. It is situated in front of Ogba cave and it gushes out from the top of the Ogba rock. The Ogba Ukwu rock is dome shaped and carved in form of an arena that covers a large sandy area forming a natural beach around the waterfall. The largest cave in West Africa is situated next to it and it requires over 2 hours to explore. The cave has a very wide roomy compartments and tunnels leading to different directions. One of the tunnel serves as an escape route of about 2km long leading to Oji River Local government area of Enugu state.

Ogba ukwu cave

Agulu crocodile lake

The lake is situated in Agulu, Aniocha Local Government area of Anambra state. It harbors an estimated three hundred crocodiles which also includes water turtles. Fishing is prohibited and the crocodiles cannot be killed because of the legend surrounding it. The crocodiles helped and delivered the town from enemy soldiers during Nigeria civil war by transforming into beautiful ladies and luring soldiers into the water unknowingly, disappearing without trace.

Crocodile lake


Ezeagu tourism complex

The tourism site is situated at the south central region of Enugu state. It constitutes a waterfall, 3km cave, a lake and natural spring. The cave is about 1km from the waterfall. Ogba cave has three chambers with two entrances. The largest chamber which is the first chamber is 2,960 meters wide and the height is 13.2meters. It is the home of thousands of bat. The waterfall (Ogbagada) detests noise. It rises to a frightening height in the presence if noise. It has the ability to signal the beginning of a new season through its unusual thundering noise. Iheneke lake is a fresh water lake surrounded by bamboo trees and other species of flora. The faunas found in the lake and around it are pythons, crocodiles and guinea fowls. The lake changes direction of flow periodically- it flows downward in the morning and flows upward in the afternoon while it becomes stagnant in the evening.

ezeagu-iheneke1-58308aea3c472 ezeagu-tourist-complex ezeagu-tourist


Amakama wooden cave

It is located in Amakama, Abia state. It is a tree with hollow that is capable of accommodating about 20 people at a time. It served has a safe haven for the community during the intertribal wars and slave raid period.

Okposi salt lake

It is located in Ohaozzara Local Government Area in . It is the economic base of rural women in the community where salt is traditionally made for more than 400 years.



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